College students might look elsewhere for jobs

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - More people in Massachusetts went back to work in December -- in some parts of the state. While the statewide jobless rate fell to 7% last month, in Springfield it went up slightly to 10.7%. Some seasonal factors were to blame -- fewer construction jobs because of the cold, and not enough holiday retail hires. There's continued demand for nurses and home health aides, which students find promising.

“A couple of my roommates are nursing students, PT. They’re all looking for jobs. I’m doing grad school next year so I haven’t looked into anything yet. Definitely soon. I’m going to go wherever my job takes me,” said Allison Fitzsimmons from West Springfield.

The high speed rail project that would connect Springfield to other cities means access to more jobs elsewhere.. But some students told 22News it’s a little discouraging to think they’d have to leave the region to find employment.

“My major is criminal justice and after that I’d like to become a lawyer. I’m used to Springfield. I don’t know if I’m going to be able to adapt somewhere else. This is my home,” said Keyazia Heatley from Springfield.

Others say it wouldn’t be the worst thing to get their foot in the door in a new environment.

“Some people don’t want to go right where they were at home. They want to experience things that are different, new places,” said Seth Dussault from Easthampton.

New places where they can hopefully earn a paycheck. According to the CollegeInsight Institute, the average Massachusetts college student graduates with more than 28-thousand dollars in debt.

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