Super Bowl Weather

NEW YORK CITY (NBC News) Millions are bundling up against chilly winter weather including fast-falling snow and frigid winds.

We’re now less than a week away from Super Bowl 48.

That includes in New York and New Jersey where football fans are preparing for the first ever cold-weather open-air stadium Super Bowl.  Forget who will win the big game, right now everyone is talking about just how cold Sunday is going to be.

While both the Seahawks and the Broncos have been gearing up for the Super Bowl, so have those tasked with clearing snow at New Jersey’s Metlife Stadium.

Last week a blanket of white covered the field; perhaps a preview of Sunday’s game.

“Our game is to experience the elements.” said NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

In this first ever cold-weather open-air stadium game, all eyes are on the forecast which- right now- shows temperatures steadily improving throughout the week with sun expected on game day.

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