Bill will help Massachusetts prepare for climate change

Plan would be created to combat sea level changes

BOSTON (WWLP) – State lawmakers have filed a bill that prepares Massachusetts from the effects of climate change.

Environmentalists told 22News how the legislation can create jobs and protect the state from severe weather.

Just over a dozen state lawmakers have signed onto a bill meant to protect the Commonwealth from unpredictable weather possibly brought on by climate change.

The bill creates an adaptation plan stating the state’s goals in combating sea level rise and temperature change. A new committee would be created to assess where the state is vulnerable and cities and towns would be given appropriate aid.

The bill also creates a coastal buy-back program that allows property owners living next to flood plain areas or high waters to sell their land to the state.

According to Henry Tepper, the President of Mass. Audubon, “Our legislation therefore will do three things, it will create jobs, it will protect the public health and  safety and it will protect the environment.”

The bill comes on the heels of Governor Deval Patrick’s announcement to invest $52 million dollars in climate change preparation planning.