Price of stamps up 3 cents

Photo Credit: MGN Online

It’s going to cost you a little more to send out your Valentine’s Day cards this year. The price of stamps has gone up yet again.

For the last year, you’ve been paying 46 cents to mail a letter, but now a first-class postage stamp will cost you 49 cents. The three cent increase was approved by Postal Service regulators last month, and it went into effect Sunday

If you have Forever stamps that you bought before Sunday at the 46 cent price, you can still use those until you run out of them, but any Forever stamps you buy moving forward will cost you 49 cents.

The postal Service says this is a temporary, two- year increase, but economists argue that with inflation the cost is not likely to ever go back down again.

The Postal Service lost $5 billion last year and has been trying to get Congress to let it end Saturday delivery and reduce payments on retiree health benefits.

Some other postage rates have also gone up including the cost to mail a post card. That went up a penny from 33 cents to 34 cents.

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