No weapons found at Amherst Regional H.S.

A threatening social media post shut down the Amherst Regional High School on Monday. 22News was in Amherst Monday night when the schools' superintendent reassured parents, no weapons were found.

It was an anonymous post on a student-run Facebook page, but one entry caught the superintendent’s attention.

Superintendent Maria Geryk said, “I look at that just to make sure any of those statements don’t cross the line, and this one was posted, and just a few hours later I saw it immediately.”

The post said an Amherst Regional High School student may have brought a gun to school.

Erica Wilson’s son is a junior at the high school. She told 22News, “It should be mandatory that there’s somebody regulating that constantly. There’s a lot of chatter. I know my son deals with a lot of conversation on Facebook, whether it’s a prank, or bullying or just a conversation, but it should be mandatory to have somebody monitor that.”

School officials closed the high school on Monday to investigate, and by Monday night there was welcome news for parents.

High School principal Mark Jackson said, “At the end of the day, there were no weapons uncovered.”

Jackson said in the meeting that the student who wrote the post will meet with him first thing Tuesday morning, and the school will continue to investigate any previous conflicts among students.

Meantime, parents told 22News they feel safe knowing that the school takes every potential threat seriously.

Katherine Appy, parent and school committee member, said, “What I feel good about is that clearly there’s a plan in place when things like this happen, and I know that there are plans in place if things happen in the school when the students are there. And now, we know also there’s a plan in place if you hear about things ahead of time.”

The high school will be open on Tuesday as scheduled.

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