Is climate change causing the cold?

W. SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - After prolonged heat people say it's global warming, then we see lots of cold causing others to say global warming doesn't exist, but it's much more complicated than that.

Looking back on this month people will talk about the temperatures.

“January was cold, then it got warm, then it got cold again then we had that arctic blast, then it’s still coming down, then its going to go up and then down again,” said Ron Fecowicz from Agawam.

Our average high this month was near 32 degrees, almost a degree colder than normal (33º), but our nights were the coldest, more than 2 degrees colder than a typical January, averaging 13.9 degrees at night this month so far.

These colder than normal readings bring some to say global warming isn’t real, others believe that colder winters are related to a warming climate.

We’ll probably see a lot of changes,  I think it’s going to start getting colder, summer months come [and] it’s going to get hotter, it’s just going to eventually get worse,” said Antonio Vasquez from Chicopee.

This month certainly has had it’s extremes, we’ve been as warm as 57 degrees, but at our coldest we’ve dropped to 17 below zero!

However, it’s a stretch to confidently link these extremes to a changing climate.

Whenever you try to connect weather to climate change you can’t just look at one particular storm, a cold week or a hot month, you have to look at trends over years.

Looking at years and decades of information will give you a much better picture on the direction the climate is going.

It does look like our up and down trend will continue, starting with a cool down for the middle and end of this week.

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