How to Double Your Savings at the Grocery Store!

double coupon

CHICOPEE, Mass. (Mass Appeal) Mastering some simple tips and tricks, like learning how to double your coupons, can really maximize your savings at the grocery store. Local couponer Erin Rose told us how you can double your coupons!

Double Coupons

Most local grocery stores in the area will double your coupons up to $.99 (Every need) – call your grocery to find out if you need a loyalty card

Big box stores & drug stores will NOT double your coupons.

Doubling a coupon in essence will give you twice the value of the coupon.

Coupons can be found either online/on product packages/or in newspapers.


If “Cereal” is on sale 2 for $5.00, and you have two $0.75 coupons the grocery store will double the coupons and your cereal will only cost you $1.00 a box instead of $1.75 a box without doubling your coupons.

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