How snow tires keep you safe

Many people invest in snow tires or go with fresh all-season tires to help deal with the snow. But snow tires don't just have more tread, they're made of a different material to help grip the road.

22News spoke with Guy Habrat of Town Fair Tire in West Springfield to learn more about winter safety on the streets. Snow tires are made with a material known as hydrophilic rubber, which keep tires soft in the cold, Habrat said. Standard tires tend to get a harder when the temperature drops, and therefore, don’t grip as well. Having lower air pressure in the tire helps in the winter too.

“You’ll get a bigger footprint in the road and it might help the tire grip on the road a bit better. You’ll have more rubber that actually touches the road for a little better traction,” Habrat said.

However there’s no need for you to let out air from your tires. According to Habrat, the air in your tires actually contracts in the cold and expands in the summer, naturally aiding in the gripping process.

Habrat also told 22news having four-wheel-drive in your car won’t help you as much if your tires are bare, so getting your tread checked is a good idea.

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