Fire and smoke empty Enfield Square Mall

ENFIELD, Conn. (WWLP) - Enfield Police and firefighters ordered the evacuation of the Enfield Square Mall Monday night after a fire in the Target store.

Enfield firefighters were able to put out the fire inside the Target store quickly, but because of the damage, Target may not be able to open Tuesday morning.

Enfield police officer Barry Gavello told 22News the fire started in the paper goods section of the Target store just after 7:00 p.m.

“Our responding officers emptied a couple of fire extinguishers, and realized it was too big and called the fire department.  We evacuated the Target, and then we evacuated the mall, ” Gavello said.

Enfield Fire Spokesman Mark Zarcaro said they do not know yet, what caused the fire, but the fire marshal’s office and Enfield police will likely review the surveillance tapes to find out what happened.

“The building has security cameras all over. I’m sure they are in a loop. They’ll figure it out. At least they will be able to point to the origin and who was at the area of the origin at least around the time that it broke out,” said Zarcaro.

One firefighter had to be treated for a hand injury, but nobody inside the mall at the time of the fire was hurt. Officer Gavello said there was a “call for oxygen.”

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