Battling Sunday night blues

(NBC News) If you’re like many working adults who dread going back to the grind on Monday morning, you’re stuck singing the “Sunday night blues.”

The informally coined term apparently applies to a lot of people.

78-percent of respondents to a recent poll said they experience the “Sunday night blues.”

“It can translate into a lowered mood, an increase in worry, or anxiety and an irritability as well,” says Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Scott Bea.

Dr. Bea prescribes planning some kind of activity for Sunday night, for example make a big family dinner or watch a TV show you’ve recorded.

Also, unplug.

Technology makes it easy for people to bring work home, perhaps never giving them an opportunity to recharge their brains fully.

Chores like packing lunches for the next day are usually saved for Sunday night, but experts say that prep work can be done during a time that’s a little easier, like a Sunday morning.

This way the rest of Sunday can be a true day of rest.

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