Another major retailer victim of hackers

NEW YORK (CNN) – Michaels, the arts and crafts chain, is warning of a possible data breach. Nothing’s been confirmed, however, in what could be the latest in a string of hack attacks.

Yet another big retailer is warning customers: It may have been hacked.  Michaels says it recently learned of “possible fraudulent activity” on some of its customer’s payment cards.

The arts-and-crafts store said it hasn’t actually confirmed a breach, but wanted to alert customers, just in case.  Saying in a statement, “we are concerned there may have been a data security hack on Michaels,” and adding that it’s taking “aggressive action” to determine the scope of the situation.

No word yet on how many customers may be involved, the time frame the breach might have occurred in, and whether it affected in-store or online customers or both.

The potential hack at Michael’s follows similar incidents at target and Niemen Marcus in recent weeks.  Target’s breach hit as many as 110 million customers Niemen’s, more than a million.

There’s been speculation that other retailers had their systems breached as well but that’s yet to be confirmed.

Shoppers are advised to keep a close eye on their bank statements, for any unusual activity even the smallest, of charges.

Watch the video below for the full report.