Amherst Regional H.S. closed due to threat

AMHERST, Mass. (WWLP) -Students at Amherst Regional High School were not in class on Monday, due to concerns about a post on social media involving a student bringing a gun to school.

Superintendent Maria Geryk told 22News that she became aware of the threat on Sunday while browsing through the Facebook page “Amherst Regional High School Confessions;” a student driven profile.

In the online posting, someone claimed to bring a gun to school every day as protection against bullies. The families of the 1,100 students were notified of the closing early Monday morning.

Principal Mark Jackson told 22News he can only confirm it was a male student.  The student, as well as his family, is being questioned by Amherst Police and their home is being searched.

“If we could not identify the person and certify that he or she was not in possession of weapons, and then it made no sense for us to open the school.  Because we would have been aware of a threat and allowed people to walk into it, so that was not an untenable position,” Jackson said.

“What we can say is we have identified who posted the statement,” Geryk said. ” We are able to say that the police are investigating and so that area is being addressed. ”

Geryk and Jackson will hold a meeting for parents and guardians at the Amherst Regional Middle School Auditorium Monday night at 7:00.

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