Stamp prices have increased

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – From now on, it’s going to cost you more to send a letter. Starting Sunday, it will now cost 49 cents for a stamp. That’s a 3 cent increase from the 46 cents it has been.

The Postal Service is calling this a temporary increase to make up for loss revenue to due a decrease in mail being sent and the 2008 economic depression. In the past few years, the post office has lost 2.8 billion dollars. It’s expected this hike will not last more than two years.

Due to inflation over the next couple of years, we may not see the price go back down. If you have “Forever Stamps,” those will be grandfathered in. You won’t have to pay the extra 3 cents per letter when using those stamps.

Post offices aren’t open, so most people won’t notice the increase until Monday when they are open, unless you buy books of stamps online on Sunday.

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