Temporary relief from the cold

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - Despite the snow over parts of western Massachusetts today, it was actually the warmest day we've had in a while.

Some brief sunshine and plenty of runners filled Forest Park Saturday morning.

You could tell it wasn't all that cold because many people weren't too bundled up.

It was the warmest day since Monday.

This past week temperatures Tuesday through Friday were brutally cold with overnight lows dropping below zero.

"It's been pretty difficult, but again, you've got to deal with it," said Charlie Gordon from Springfield.

This brief warm-up gave people the chance to thaw out and reflect on just what a cold week it was.

"It's been murder. It's really been a tough week for the weather and I think I stayed in more than I went out…Today really feels like we're having a heat wave, it's a great day," said Bill Duquette from Springfield.

Not quite a heat wave obviously, but it felt warm by our recent standards.

Even though temperatures on Saturday felt warm, they weren't, actually they were normal. Normal for this time of year is near 32 degrees, but unfortunately these normal temperatures won't last.

Sunday and most of next week brings a return to the chill after a brief break from it.

These up and down temperatures and making it tough for people to adjust

"Went walking yesterday in 5 degrees with a scarf wrapped around my face and today, this is balmy…It is unusual, you're just going from such extremes it seems even though 30 is still cold it's a big difference," said Janet Echeverria from Longmeadow.

If there's any good news, it's that our next round of cold doesn't look AS bad.

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