Chicopee students showcase science projects

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - One of Western Massachusetts’ newest charter schools put on a science fair Saturday that dazzled the judges.

This was the Hampden Charter School of Science’s fifth annual science fair. These students hope to follow earlier graduates who now attend some of America’s top colleges for scientific study.

11th grader Jarred Beaucheman of Springfield developed a machine functioning in water and here’s how it works.

Jarred said, “It breaks down water through the process of electrolysis, and then it breaks it down and turns it back into water; completely reusable and clean, actually.”

The judges, all professionals in various scientific fields, told 22News they’re impressed with the projects developed by these math and science-savvy young people.

“The thing I like the most is the variety and the creativity and also their enthusiasm,” said Matthew Breuer.

Among their highly sophisticated science projects were, for example, studying a way of finding out which blood types are common among fish, and on which surface does a hovercraft move most quickly.

The teachers who fuel their curiosity are proud of their accomplishments.

“They do put in a lot of effort, they just explore projects they really like,” said teacher Managi Bacil. “They get a lot of support from teachers here, also from parents. It’s really good.”

The Hampden Charter School of Science opened its doors in Chicopee six years ago. Since then the school has attracted many Western Massachusetts students gifted in math as well as science.

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