Can the cold weather get you sick?

CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) As New Englanders, we know Saturday's warm up of sorts is probably short-lived and that the colder weather will most likely return before winter is over.

22News found out how the extreme changes in temperature, and the arctic blasts of air, are affecting people in Western Massachusetts.

Some may be sick of this cold weather, but can it actually get you sick?

"It kills a lot of germs. Sometimes mild winters are actually worse for you,” thought Sherry Carroll of Ludlow.

At Chicopee Urgent Care, Doctor Ahmed Elmogy told 22News he's seen more patients with the flu this year than in years past. The arctic blast of air is making it harder for some to catch their breath and easier to feel under the weather.

"Cold weather will trigger the sickness, especially people who are extreme of age, smokers, have lung disease…They are more prone to bronchitis and flu in the cold weather,” Dr. Elmogy told 22News.

Dr. Elmogy said extreme temperature changes will also make people susceptible to illness.

As kids, we were told to never go out in the cold air with wet hair. Dr. Elmogy told 22News there's no medical proof that can get you sick, but he said many patients believe that's how they caught a cold. Steve Marcil has been healthy all winter. He swears by a tried-and-true method of his own.

"I've been taking alot of hot lemon water, big juicy lemons and some dark honey, sip on that two or three times a day and makes you feel better,” said Marcil, a Chicopee resident.

Despite some milder days, Dr. Elmogy advises to always have extra layers of clothing handy.

After all, we still have 8 more weeks of winter to try to stay healthy and happy.

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