WMass dealing with another bitterly cold week

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - This week many people changed their plans to minimize their time out in the bitter cold.

Whether it’s the mall or the movie theater, even the winter weather fans are choosing to stay indoors.

Blake Griswold of Granby told 22News he’s spending his Friday night at the movies. “I’m usually outside during wintertime a lot of times, but it’s just so cold out and I want to be inside.”

The daytime high temperatures were below average all week, and the wind chill made it feel even colder.

Tom Gardiner of Chicopee told 22News, “We have to wear so much more and be careful. You know, protective because frost bites are a real concern. And it hurts.”

The Chicopee Big Y has also noticed a change in peak shopping times. More people are shopping earlier in the afternoon when it’s slightly warmer.

When people are out shopping, they are looking for items that can help them stay warm.

Chicopee Big Y Manager Rob Daigle said, “This winter has been a lot colder than last year, and with that is an increase in pellet sales. You know, as we sell we just keep ordering. We can get pellets in very very quickly, so it’s not been a problem.”

However, people who rely on oil or gas to heat their homes told 22News they are concerned about the bill they’ll receive soon.

Roy Scott of Wilbraham said, “I have a place down in Rhode Island near the beach, and it’s empty. I got the heat set at 55, and I just got a $250 gas bill for that. So this is probably going to be the biggest gas bill I’ve had in a while.”

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