House Speaker DeLeo pushing for local aid

Local roads need attention due to potholes

SPRINGFIELD, MASS. (WWLP) – House Speaker Robert DeLeo is determined to send more money in local aid to Massachusetts cities and towns.

The House will recommend that Governor Deval Patrick increase the local aid funding. In his budget, Patrick proposed about five and a half billion dollars, the same amount as last year.

Many people told 22News because the pothole season started much earlier than expected, the local roads could use more funding from the state.

“Every road I’ve traveled on, main road or side road, they have some serious potholes. A lot of people swerving around them. It could cause accidents. Sometimes it’s scary. You could lose a tire,” AJ Berthiaume told 22News.

DeLeo also pledged to keep the local road funding, also known as Chapter 90, at 300 million dollars.