4-year-old calls 911 because he’s hungry

BRISTOW, Va. (CNN) – In Virginia, a young boy has been taken from his mother.  Police say the child called 911 because he was hungry.

The tee-ball set and bike with training wheels left on the front porch tell us that a child lives in this Bristow, Virginia house.

But for now, the four-year-old boy who called this place home is staying with relatives elsewhere after police arrested his mother love Sonia Polanco Franklin for felony child neglect.

They allege she left him hungry and alone along Frank Haskell court in Prince William County, and now neighbors are stunned.

“Just tell me your feelings in your heart when you hear something like this?”

“That’s a little bizarre; you don’t ever expect a four-year-old to be left alone or any child,” Neighbor Joe Anelli said.

According to police, the four-year-old called 911 on Wednesday morning to say he was hungry.

When officers arrived, they say the house was a mess and that the child’s mother was nowhere to be found.

Melanie Kynard lived across the street from Franklin for a couple of years, “I was surprised. I’m shocked. And it’s a really bad situation. So we’ll be praying for the family and hopefully the child will be placed somewhere safe.”

Police won’t say how long the child was alone for or where Franklin had gone, but they say it was not for any type of emergency.

According to her Linkedin page, Franklin worked as a student teacher in two local school districts, and was hoping one day to write a children’s book.

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