27K unemployment recipients got others tax info

Officials: Error due to the printing process

WETHERSFIELD, Conn. (WTNH) — The Conn. Department of Labor announced Friday that approximately 27,000 people who collected unemployment compensation in 2013 had someone else’s personal information on their tax forms.

The Labor Department is required to report unemployment compensation payments of $10 or more on tax form UC-1099G.

Officials said due to an error in the printing process, the forms contain the correct information on the top portion of the form, but the bottom half of the document contains information pertinent to another person.

Since the forms are printed in order of zip code, the agency is in the process of determining which towns are associated with the printing error so that staff will be able to identify the individuals who were potentially affected by the error.

Since the forms contain social security numbers, the agency plans to contact those who received incorrect forms to offer credit protection.

The Department is currently re-printing the forms and will mail them out again. The new mailing will contain the corrected 1099-G and an addressed, pre-paid envelope, so the incorrect form can be mailed back to the Connecticut Department of Labor.

“We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause people who are in the process of filing their tax returns and we want to make sure individuals are aware of a possible error,” said Labor Commissioner Sharon M. Palmer. “Individuals receiving a 1099-G for unemployment compensation benefits are asked to check their forms for accuracy. Although the Department will be mailing corrected forms out by the end of the month, claimants needing their corrected form immediately can download a correct 1099-G by going to the Department of Labor website, and clicking on the blue button on the upper right hand corner labeled Unemployment Tax Form-1099G.”

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