WMass getting all the fuel assistance they need

Households are reaching their maximum limit

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – As we continue to experience the cold weather, some Massachusetts residents have reached the limit on their fuel assistance.

22News spoke with the director of the energy programs at Community Action, Peter Wingate, who says the need for heat in Franklin County is no different than in the rest of the state.

Community Action provides fuel assistance for over 7000 households in western Massachusetts and almost half of them have reached their fuel assistance limit, and are in need of more heat.

“We’re getting calls everyday where people have used up their fuel assistance and are sitting in a cold house,” said Wingate. “They’re looking for options. There aren’t a lot of options out there. We recommend people that they talk to friends, talk to family, talk to their church, and just try to piece it together it’s very difficult.”

The minimum amount of fuel that can be delivered is 150 gallons of oil, which costs more than $500. The maximum voucher a household can receive from Community Action is $950.

The House recently passed a budget increase for federal funding of fuel assistance programs. This could mean an extra $10 million for programs like Community Action.