Shifting adoption trends

Adoption in America is undergoing a huge transformation, from a world of secrecy to many more open adoptions. A recent report found just five percent of adoptions in America are what’s called a closed adoption.

“It’s gone down over the last five years, as I understand it, by about 50 percent, so that’s another reason families are looking toward domestic infant adoption or even foster care adoption,” says Laura Farmer with Lutheran Family and Children’s Services.

Jodelle and Ben Fitzwater hope to adopt a baby, and are part of the new trend.

“For us, it’s trying to go this route and find a situation that we can not only receive a baby out of it, but also, possibly, help a mother out of a situation,” Ben says.

As a trained doula, Jodelle is even willing to help the mother give birth.

“I’m most excited about putting it in its little outfit,” she says with a laugh.

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