Belchertown High School offering online classes

BELCHERTOWN, Mass. (WWLP)- A local high school is getting ready to offer virtual classes.

Belchertown High School’s online classes will begin for the spring semester, which starts January 29. The courses will expand upon many of the high school’s electives.

So far, 25 students are enrolled. They can take up to 30 students, and the other seats may be filled with middle school students.

The virtual classes will allow more flexibility for completing assignments, but students won’t actually see their teachers.

They get scored by a teacher across the country, and then those scores get reported back to the district.

22News asked Brennan Murray, the Virtual High School site coordinator, if there is any way to make sure that the person behind the computer is actually the student who is enrolled.

“I can’t physically be there. What’s great about it is it allows a lot of flexibility so students can do the work here, or at home. But again, there’s no real checking on if the students are the ones submitting the work or not,” Murray said.

Murray told 22News that the virtual courses were started thanks to the superintendent, and grant money. Course curriculum is established through the virtual high school collaborative.

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