Target shoppers not in the clear yet

LONGMEADOW, Mass. (WWLP) – We’re only in the early stages of understanding the full scope of the security breach at Target. 22News talked to an expert about whether you’re safe if you haven’t seen any unauthorized activity so far.

Customers are starting to transition to victims as they feel the impact of the Target security breach.

“There were about five fraudulent charges over $60 to $80, $90 dollars each,” said Ryan Lewis, a Target fraud victim.

Target stores announced this week they’d been hacked, exposing the debit and credit information of about 40 million customers.

“I just think that’s so sad especially around the holidays and you’re Christmas shopping for everyone, you trust your information will be safe,” said Longmeadow’s Taylor Low.

While many customers haven’t seen anything unusual with their accounts yet, experts say it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

Dr. Larry Snyder is the Director of the Cyber Security Management Program of Bay Path College. He says a criminal might not even use your information for another year or so.

“There’s a black market for these. I’ve read there can be up to $20 a piece for a good credit card account but they may harvest them, they may hold onto them for a while,” said Bay Path College’s Dr. Larry Snyder.

Target has said they’re working to resolve the problem and have added workers to field calls and help address issues.

As they do that, customers wonder if they’re among the 40 million victims during this already busy holiday shopping season.

“It is a hassle and it’s very annoying although I’m not surprised I mean when you think of things like NSA things like this don’t surprise me,” said Joanne Coyle of Longmeadow.

Experts also recommend putting some kind of fraud protection on your account so you are alerted if there is any unusual activity.

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