Plows put in long hours in the storm

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – The snowflakes stopped falling Friday morning and a lot of people spent much of the day on the cleanup.

There were shovelers shoveling, snow blowers blowing and plow-truck drivers on their “umpteenth” hour of working.

“Yeah I’m pretty tired,” said Jared Methe, who plows for J. Methe Construction and Development.

It’s not unusual to see plows working around the clock after a storm like the one we just saw because after all, they’re up against tough critics.

“A lot of times I’ll go out and shovel and when the plows go by its a whole corner mound in front of the driveways and they don’t really seem to care,” said Chicopee’s Renee Simone.

Plow drivers say as they try to clean up this latest winter mess, they rack up a lot of hours behind the wheel.
“I’ve been out for 80 hours in a week so, it can go pretty long if you get the blizzard we had last year,” Methe said.

Plow drivers say these days are exhausting but you have to do them because they’re the money-makers, and you can never be sure when the next storm will come.

Springfield DPW director Al Chwalek told 22News the city works hard to balance efficient clean-up without overworking the drivers.

“We’d like to hold it to 12 or 14 hours if at all possible because its very difficult driving dangerous, snowy, wind blowing, people driving all over the place, snow mobiles on the road, people on bikes. You really have to pay attention to whats going on,” said Al Chwalek with the Springfield DPW.

Chwalek also says drivers are not required to work overtime.

The DPW gives them the option to make the extra money.

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