Forecast Discussion

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WEDNESDAY: Sunny and breezy.

Highs: 42-46
Winds: N 10-20 MPH

WEDNESDAY NIGHT: Clear and cold.  Widespread frost likely.

Lows: 22-26
Winds: Light North


Highs: 48-52

FRIDAY: Mostly sunny.

Highs: 54-58



A *FLOOD WARNING* will remain in effect for the Connecticut River at Northampton and Montague.  The CT River at Northampton will crest to 114 feet…the CT River at Montage will crest at 30 feet on Thursday.  Only *minor* flooding is expected over the next 24 hours.

If you were out Tuesday evening, then you probably noticed a rapid drop in temperatures!  At 6 PM, temperatures were in the low-60s, by 7 PM, the mercury had dropped into the 40s!!  That sharp drop all courtesy of a shift in the wind direction – from southwest to northwest.

Aaaaaand as you look out your window this morning, you will see the effect of the cold air that moved in last night.  We had a quick transition from rain to snow, so all of us are waking up to a fresh coating of snow on the ground!  Just be aware of slushy and slippery roads as you head out the door this morning!

We’ll be tracking sunny skies today along with a north breeze.  Thanks to that chilly breeze, temperatures will be about 20° cooler this afternoon, only topping out in the mid-40s.

Expect sunny skies once again tomorrow with highs returning to the low-50s!

We’ll end the week on Friday with plenty of sunshine and highs in the mid-50s!

Obviously, with sunshine and 50s in the forecast over the next few days, the snow will not last very long.  By Friday, we can all pretend like nothing happened.

Snow?  What snow?

-Meteorologist Ashley Baylor