Forecast Discussion

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Scattered clouds.  Cooler and less humid!

Highs: 80-84
Dewpoints: 58-62
Winds: N 5-10 MPH

THURSDAY NIGHT: Clear and cool.

Lows: 52-56
Winds: Calm

FRIDAY: Bright, blue skies.

Highs: 80-84

SATURDAY: Mostly sunny.

Highs: 82-86


It’s a lot quieter out there this morning!  Those were some nasty storms we had last night – we had several reports of lightning strikes and wind damage.  We’ll keep showers and storms out of the forecast for now, but I can’t promise a completely storm-free weekend..

No showers or storms in the forecast today!  We’ll be tracking scattered clouds along with lower levels of humidity.  It’ll be about 10° cooler this afternoon with highs in the low-80s.

Bright, blue skies expected tomorrow with temperatures back in the low-80s!

We are looking at one of those 50/50 weekends – Saturday will be beautiful with plenty of sunshine, but we will likely see some thundershowers on Sunday.  If you have any outdoor activities planned for this weekend, I would try to squeeze them in on Saturday!

-Meteorologist Ashley Baylor