Smartphone users support ‘kill switch’ proposal

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Law enforcement agencies want wireless carriers to have a “kill switch” that could shut down a Smartphone. 22News explains what Smartphone users think about the proposal.

The New Haven Police Department in Connecticut is one of many law enforcement agencies that want a “kill switch” that could make stolen or lost phones inoperable.

Last year New Haven Police seized thousands of phones and GPS units from stores that were buying and reselling stolen devices.

Police believe a “kill switch” that disables devices could prevent criminals from selling stolen phones.

Smartphone users here in western Massachusetts told 22News they would like their wireless carriers to look into this idea.

“I would. I think it would be a definite. A lot of people have their personal information, passwords, and all that kind of stuff on it. Definitely, and I’m sure the person that lost the phone would be happy to get it back as well,” said Lori Anderson of Agawam.

Some people think Smartphone companies could also invest more time and money to develop ways to better track stolen phones even when the phone is turned off.

Dana Potter of Worthington told 22News, “What they should do is put a locater transmitter so they can go right to the person. I think that would even be better. If they can do one, they can do the other. It’s probably similar technology.”

However, some technology experts are against a permanent kill switch, because hackers could find a way to attack the switch function and take control of people’s phones.

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