Palmer farm against ending NYC horse carriages


PALMER, Mass. (WWLP) – The fallout from doing away with the famous New York City horse-drawn carriages extends all the way to Western Massachusetts.

The official retirement farm for the horses at Blue Star Equiculture in Palmer opposes the newly-elected New York City Mayor’s idea. At the start of his term, Mayor Bill De Blasio vowed to rid the city’s streets of the horse-drawn carriages.

The executive director of the farm told 22News why they are against the proposal.

“We believe it’s going to add to a current terrible crisis in homelessness with the horses we already have in the country,” said Pamela Rickenbach. “And more than the horses losing their jobs, the families that would lose their jobs also.”

She said the horses in New York are overseen by 5 agencies and are well cared for.

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