Different forms of identity theft

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Hackers now have credit card numbers and contact information of millions of people after the Target and Neiman Marcus data breach.

By now, you may have changed your card numbers and PIN codes, but experts warn, you still need to be cautious of the e-mails and phone calls you may receive.

Credit.com advisors said identity thieves can engage in a form of “-ishing” to steal more information.

Bob Brandon of Agawam said, “People have to really keep their guard up and not just trust what somebody’s asking or telling them. There is a good chance that they are being scammed, and they have to be very, very careful.”

If you have an e-mail account, watch out for “phishing” or “spear-phishing.” That’s when hackers e-mail their victims, claiming to be a financial company or a friend. “Vishing” and “smishing” are when hackers call or text you.

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